Can Someone Be Held Liable for Heat-Related Injuries?

California and sweltering weather go hand in hand. Even during the winter and early spring, the Golden State is known for its sunny days and heatwaves. As Southern California currently undergoes the first major heatwave of the year, the risk of acquiring heat-related injuries such as heat stroke increases. Heat stroke occurs when a person’s body temperature rises to 104 degrees or higher because of sun or heat exposure, which can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, muscles, and heart. While some people can easily cool their bodies down by finding shade or hopping into a pool, others may be in a position where they can’t cool down. If left untreated, heat stroke can cause death.

While the natural weather can cause dehydration and other injuries, some may be wondering if there are cases in which injured individuals can hold others responsible. There are three common examples of when it may be possible to hold at-fault parties responsible for heat stroke injuries.

When on the job as an employee

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment for their employees, which includes safe temperatures. Most offices provide climate-controlled environments and water stations to keep employees hydrated. Workers who suffer from heatstroke on the job may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

When supervising children

Individuals who are supervising children are responsible for keeping them safe and can include schools, sports coaches, teachers, daycare facilities, after school programs, and babysitters. If children are afflicted with heat stroke after being left in the sun for too long or being deprived of water, those who are responsible for watching them can be held liable for damages.

When at an outdoor event

Event organizers and other businesses can be held liable if attendees suffer from heat stroke while at their outdoor events. Events held on hot days or during the summer must provide heat relief areas to cool people down, and businesses need to take heat-related injuries into account when planning their events.

When your landlord fails to maintain utilities

This is generally a more complex area, but if your landlord is responsible for maintaining utilities like your air conditioner or running water, and they fail to fix any issues or replace your units, you may be able to file a lawsuit after suffering from a heat-related injury during a heatwave.

Other Heat-Related Injuries

While heat stroke is the most serious kind of heat-related illness, that doesn’t mean the other kinds aren’t as important to treat. Individuals can suffer from heat exhaustion, which occurs when the body loses salt and water from the heat, as well as heat cramps, which are painful muscle spasms that can occur after exercising in the heat.

It’s important to know that especially in California, heat-related injuries can occur on any day, not just during the summer. If you or someone you love has been affected by extreme heat and you believe someone else to be responsible, it’s important that you call our personal injury attorney. Through a free consultation, we can determine if someone can be held responsible for what you’ve gone through.

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