Why You Should Never Say Sorry After an Accident

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, everyone involved is frantically trying to gather a sense of what has just occurred. In these moments, it is common for people to speak without thinking and unknowingly land themselves into an unfortunate position. Car accidents are some of the most stressful and chaotic experiences you can have, but it is extremely vital for you to keep a cool head. Many people don’t realize everything they say or do is under a microscope the moment the incident occurs. This is why apologizing is one of the worst mistakes you can make, even if it is simply a natural reaction or out of politeness.

Saying sorry it is more than just a way of communicating regret. In the eyes of the law, it is an admission of guilt. Regardless of who is responsible for the accident at hand, an apology can implicate you in the long run. Do not underestimate the lengths the insurance company is willing to go to in order to prove your guilt and lessen their financial responsibility. Therefore, a quick apology may be the surefire way to unintentionally give the appearance of guilt. In the long run, this will negatively impact and may even completely ruin your chances of pursuing the compensation you deserve--even if they are responsible. This is why the best practice is to remain as professional and respectful as possible while keeping your responses minimal. Do not volunteer information or engage in conversation beyond exchanging information with the other driver.

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