5 Tips for Increasing Your Guests' Safety During the Holidays


During the holidays, you may have friends and family members over to your home to celebrate. However, if your property has dangerous conditions or other safety hazards, and one of your guests is injured, you may be held liable in court. Our firm has represented numerous clients who have been injured on someone else’s property, and we want to help you avoid situations that may lead to serious injuries. As the property owner, how can you increase the safety of your guests and avoid an accident?

Here are 5 safety tips to protect your guests this holiday season:

  • Clean up. Clutter is a main cause of slip and fall accidents. Before guests come over, you should clear all walkways of shoes, toys, and other objects that could cause them to trip. This also applies to electrical cords and other equipment.
  • Consider your decorations. While decorations provide a magical ambience, they can also be dangerous. It is important to use electricity wisely, and to avoid overloading circuits for holiday lights. Furthermore, you should water your Christmas tree daily to keep it moist, and avoid putting decorations on walkways where they could trip your guests.
  • Avoid fire hazards. Candles should be monitored closely, and you should turn off all lights and candles when you leave the house or go to bed. Furthermore, you should keep all decorations at least 3 feet away from heat sources such as vents or fireplaces. This can help avoid a dangerous house fire.
  • Provide adequate lighting. In and around your home, you should install bright and functional lights. If your guests cannot see where they are going, they might trip and suffer injuries. Thus, you should provide adequate indoor and outdoor lighting to increase their safety.
  • Warn your guests. If you have dangerous conditions on your property, such as cracked pavement or uneven stairs, you should provide a warning sign to help you guests avoid an accident. By putting up adequate warning signs, you can help your guests enjoy a fun and safe visit.

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