Tips to Prevent a Commercial Truck Crash


The average motorist driving a passenger vehicle shares the road with commercial trucks each day. These trucks are massive, and any passenger vehicle involved in a collision with one will likely suffer severe damages. Similarly, the people in the vehicle may incur serious injuries. Although these accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, there are some defensive driving strategies motorists can use to help prevent them.

Watch Out for Blind Spots

The blind spots on a commercial truck are much larger than those on passenger vehicles. In terms of driving, a blind spot is an area that cannot be seen by the naked eye or with help from car mirrors. If a motorist driving a passenger vehicle stays in a truck’s blind spot for too long, they risk being run off the road if the truck tries to switch lanes.

Give Trucks Some Space

Commercial trucks weigh a ton because of their size and because of the cargo they transport. This means that they take a significantly longer amount of time to react or come to a stop than the average passenger vehicle. It is important for motorists to leave a good amount of space between their car and commercial trucks that are riding in front of them or to their side.

Pass With Caution

Anyone passing a commercial truck should do so with caution. If someone plans to pass a truck, they should approach it from the left lane instead of from behind to give the driver more time to notice them. They should always use proper turn signals while passing. When being passed by a truck, motorists should slow down and stay to the right to lessen the amount of time their car will be in the truck’s blind spot.

Merge Carefully

Merging onto the highway can be difficult when it is compacted with trucks and cars that are moving slowly. Some people may try to get onto the highway wherever possible and assume the vehicles around them will let them in. However, trying to merge in this way could have severe consequences. A truck moving slowly in traffic needs more time to stop than a passenger vehicle. Merging too closely in front of a truck could result in a severe accident.

What Should I Do If an Accident Occurs?

A motorist can be involved in an accident with a commercial truck regardless of the steps they take to prevent it from happening. Anyone who is involved in a truck accident should consider taking the following steps immediately if they are able to:

  • Call 911: Contacting the authorities after a truck accident is important for multiple reasons. Emergency services can come to provide medical assistance to those in need, and law enforcement will come to assess the scene and file a police report. Police reports can be instrumental in personal injury lawsuits. They contain information such as witness statements, sketches of the scene, the contact information for each party, and more.
  • Collect evidence: Anyone involved in a truck accident who is able to move around the scene safely should collect evidence. This includes photographs of the vehicles, the license plate numbers of the people involved, etc.
  • Exchange information: It is important for the parties in a commercial truck accident to exchange information at the scene if possible. Information such as insurance, names, addresses, and the truck driver’s employer can be helpful to legal counsel.
  • Get proof the driver was employed: If a commercial truck driver acts negligently and it leads to an accident, the company they work for can be held liable. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help a client obtain the paperwork proving which company the truck driver was employed by.
  • The demand letter: A personal injury attorney can also help a client create a draft letter, which includes information about the client’s injuries sustained because of the accident. This letter will be sent to the other party’s insurance company and will also include the amount of compensation the client is demanding in order to settle the claim.
  • The insurance claim: Filing an insurance claim for a severe or complicated accident can take time. Filing it improperly could lead to delays. A commercial truck accident attorney can help their client file their insurance claim accurately and can negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf.
  • Settle or go to trial: Most insurance companies and trucking companies would prefer to settle accident cases without a trial. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. However, if an insurance company fails to offer a settlement that is fair and just, an injured person may decide to file a lawsuit. An attorney can help advise their client regarding whether a lawsuit is necessary.

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