Santa Clarita Injury Auto Accident

A driver of an exotic sports car making a left turn in an intersection in Santa Clarita collided head-on with another vehicle on Monday. The Signal newspaper reported that the auto accident occurred in the intersection at Decoro Drive and Copper Hill Drive. The other car was proceeding through the intersection when the sports car made a left turn in front of it. The newspaper reported that at least two people involved suffered personal injuries as a result of the car accident. There was no mention in the article regarding the color of the light at the time of the accident, but the cause of the crash was reportedly under investigation at the time The Signal article ran.

The legal issue of who is responsible in these left-turn auto accidents in intersections is determined by who had the right-of-way at the time of the collision. The dispute that typically arises in these cases revolves around the color of the traffic light at the time of the collision. More specifically, the issue revolves around the color of the traffic light at the time the vehicle proceeding straight through the intersection entered the intersection. Frequently in this type of auto accident, the driver making the left turn says that they proceeded to turn left after the traffic light facing them turned red and before the other party had entered the intersection. Unless they just did not see the other vehicle approaching for whatever reason, they might claim that the other party ran the red light. This type of auto accident is said to involve a “light dispute”.

A driver of a car proceeding straight through an intersection on a green or yellow light has the right-of-way over another driver traveling in the opposite direction making a left turn in the intersection. The left turn driver in that situation must yield the right-of-way to the approaching vehicle until it is safe to make the left turn movement, or until the traffic signal turns red and the vehicles already within the intersection have been given the opportunity to clear the intersection. That is where the issue typically lies. So long as the vehicle traveling straight is not speeding, that vehicle is legally within an intersection and has the right-of-way to continue through that intersection so long as the front of vehicle has crossed the limit line prior to the light turning red. A "limit line" is the solid white line not less than 12 nor more than 24 inches wide, extending across a roadway or any portion thereof to indicate the point at which traffic is required to stop in compliance with legal requirements. Once the vehicle enters the intersection prior to the light turning red, the left turn driver must yield to the approaching vehicle before making the turning movement.

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